I believe that youth today in our society are facing more challenges than ever before. This generation especially are being brought up with beliefs and paradigms that are limiting, destructive and hold them back from experiencing their true potential.

When we try to control our youth and tell them to live their lives within a certain set of parameters that will bring them “success” we are taking their power away. I believe that the biggest challenge amongst youth is that they are not empowered from a young age to develop that inner guidance system to make choices that serve them on the highest level. We spoon feed them the answers, what’s “right” and what’s “wrong”. We tell them that in order to be successful and happy that they need to follow a certain life path to get there. We encourage them to make their passion a hobby, not a career. We pass our own obstacles and fears (often unconsciously) onto them.

Then when they reach the age of 18, we decide that they are old enough to fend for themselves. They are “adults” now, so they need to start making their own decisions. BUT, they have not been empowered nearly enough up until this point, and have no idea who they even are, let alone how to make choices that will ultimately determine the lives they will live.

If we want to create positive change in our society and all over the world, it is in the hands of our youth. They are the leaders of tomorrow – and we need to collectively start treating them like that at a much younger age! The time is NOW to stop waiting for a serious problem to get worse before we do something about it. The time is NOW to become more proactive in understanding the root causes, not just the symptoms. The time is NOW to come together and EMPOWER our youth and generations to come to live from more passion, purpose and positivity; to love, respect and appreciate themselves and no longer depend on that from outside sources; to express themselves openly and freely without fear of judgment.

As we begin to understand what today’s youth are actually going through, we will then be able to empower them to fulfill their true potential and ultimately change this world for the better!

However, if we want to empower youth to live happier, healthier and more positive lives – than we ALL need to start living the most empowered version of ourselves first! The days of do as I say, not as I do are over! It is time that we ALL start taking responsibility for our OWN lives. If you want anyone to change whether it is in your family, community or society – you need to BE that change that you are looking for first. It all starts with YOU!