Michael speaks to youth between the ages of 5 and 29 at elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges/universities, youth organizations / associations, and independently run conferences for youth.

Michael also speaks to parents, teachers, youth workers, and anyone who plays a support role in the lives of youth at community networks / organizations, associations, schools / educational institutions, and independently organized conferences.

For Youth:

  • The Power of YOUR Choice: Through his compelling story of childhood and teenage drama, Michael shares the key strategies, philosophies and practices that empowered him to make different choices and turn his life around for the better.
  • How to Become Your Own Best Friend (Bullying Prevention): Michael shares his heart wrenching experiences of being bullied and becoming the bully, while teaching key strategies and practices to help prevent this behavior from occurring in the first place.
  • Stress-less and Happy-ness: Based on his own experiences, Michael provides insight on how stress can be created and takes over our lives if we are not careful. He then shares his tool box of simple and practical strategies to reduce stress, and increase happiness levels.
  • Live the Authentic YOU: Who am I? What am I supposed to do with my life? These are common questions that many teenagers and young adults face on a daily basis. Michael teaches how to move past parental / societal expectations and limiting beliefs while discovering your truth and embracing your authentic self.
  • Healthy Mind for a Happy Life (Mental Health Promotion): Incorporating principles and strategies from positive psychology, mindfulness and his own life experience, Michael shares his process for creating a healthy mind so we can live a happy life.
  • Do What You Love and Love What You Do: Move past goals and create your life vision. Through a simple and practical process, Michael teaches how to get clear on what you truly want, and turn that into a career path that you truly love.
  • The 3 P’s — Passion, Purpose and Potential: Through simple and practical tools and strategies, learn how to uncover your passion, discover your life purpose and fulfill your true potential.
  • Create Your Own Life Path: Break free from limiting paradigms and belief systems and learn to courageously create the life of your dreams.

For Adults

  • Cracking the Teenage Code: Michael provides a fresh perspective on how to connect with teenagers in a more compassionate and meaningful way. Through his personal story and years of experience working with teenagers, Michael will teach how to create a more conscious, supportive, open, and understanding relationship based on principles of mutual respect, inter-dependence, and empowerment, with any teenager in your life.
  • It’s All About Perspective: Through engaging stories and simple practices, learn how understanding perspective can heal emotional wounds, dissolve conflicts, repair relationships, and empower your kids or any youth in your lives to live a more conscious and compassionate life.
  • Living the Empowered YOU, to Empower the Next Generation: Do you want to help your kids, students, or any young people in your life to live with more happiness, optimism and self-worth? The first and most important step is living the empowered version of YOURSELF first! Through simple strategies and practices, learn how to take your power back, create the life you have always wanted and truly BE an authentic example for how you want the next generation to live.
  • You Are the Most Important Person in YOUR World (Self-Care): You cannot give what you don’t have. Learn how to increase your self-worth through various different self-care strategies and practices, so you have more in your tank to give to others in your life.