Michael delivers an inspiring and empowering message to youth and those who play a support role in the lives of youth, all over the world. By sharing the touching story of his childhood and teenage years — filled with isolation, misunderstanding, stress, despair and sickness – and how he was able to turn his breakdown at the young age of 19 into a major breakthrough, he is able to develop a strong connection with every audience that he speaks to.

With his unique approach of “touch before teach”, he is able to not only captivate the attention of his audience, but also open their minds and hearts allowing the practical and subtle wisdom that he shares to resonate on a deeper emotional, mental and physical level.

He is a dynamic story teller and a fantastic teacher of what he diligently practices in his own life.

Audiences leave his keynotes feeling more empowered, understood, and ready to make simple changes that will create a major positive impact in their own lives and the lives of others.

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