“Michael Eisen has become one of my favorite students. I know that everything he learns from me, and his own life experience, will be shared with the younger generation. There is a better life to be lived if we are willing to make some changes in the way we think, speak and act. Parents can heal, children can heal, and entire families can heal together. Michael shows us a way.”
Louise L. Hay, International Bestselling Author of You Can Heal Your Life, Founder of Hay House Publishing


“Today’s youth need a positive way to deal with the pressures of life, now more than ever. Not only are Michael Eisen’s teachings timely, but they are also imperative to creating a brighter future for generations to come. His inspiring message and contagious energy are exactly what the world needs right now.”
Michael J. Chase, Best-Selling Author and Founder of The Kindness Center


At the beginning of this year I went to the doctor for a physical examination and the report showed that I had a tumor. The doctor told me to regulate my mood, normalize my daily routine and exercise frequently. If I did this there was a chance the tumor may stop growing.

I was so scared after receiving this news that I did not dare go back to the hospital to get another report for six months. At the time I thought if God were to take away my life, I would not blame him.

A few weeks after my original diagnosis, I found myself at a workshop on my campus that was run by Michael Eisen, Founder of the Youth Wellness Network. He taught me that I had the power to create my own reality; that the thoughts I think, words I speak and actions I take determine the life that I live. He seemed so positive and happy with his own life that it lit a spark inside of me. I wanted what he had, and if he could do it with his life, so could I!

After his workshop I tried to put into practice what he taught and his daily Facebook messages provided the boost of inspiration that I needed. Every day I put forth my best effort in everything that I did. I did more things that I truly liked to do instead of what I was told I had to do. I brought happiness back into my life and tried every day to share my smile with the world.

I even started seeing more inspiring resources come into my life along the way. Then my miracle appeared. Yesterday, I went back to the hospital for another examination and the report showed that the tumor had completely disappeared!

I owe a BIG thank you to my mentor Michael Eisen. You not only changed my world, but also saved my life. Now I can say that I love the world and I love myself. Today, I own my new life!
– Crystal Chow, Student @ Seneca College


I heard you speak at Matanzas High School in Palm Coast, Florida. I don’t know how many people do this type of thing, but I feel obligated to, since you made such an impact on my mental views of looking at things. What I saw today moved me, which not many people can do since I would be inclined to say that I have little emotion, but this put happiness to a whole new level.

When I walked out of the auditorium at my school, I felt like there was a halo over my head. I live for music, and when I found out I could meditate and maintain a stable happy life just by putting my heart into the guitar, I melted inside. But I would never have known these things if I didn’t go down to talk to you after the presentation. I gave you a hug and that embrace made me feel like I have known you my entire life. I respect you like I have respected nobody before, even more so than my musical idols.

Please keep up what you are doing, more people need to experience that intense joy I felt today. Thank you so much, and I would love to keep in contact with people like you, because you are the light of happiness peaking through the stormy clouds of disaster. I have a favorite quote as well, “The meaning of life is to live a life of meaning.” – John Lennon.

Now, I never believed that worthless me, a teenager in a world of 7 billion others, could live a life of any meaning at all, but now I know that I am original, and I am good at what I do. No longer will I second guess myself, because “There are no mistakes, just happy accidents, that can be worked with,” -Bob Ross. So I hope what I have written has shown my immense gratitude towards your program and the one of a kind experience I felt.

Thank you so much!
Andrew Pemberton, Student @ Matanzas High School in Palm Coast, Florida


My daughter has a mental illness and a learning disability, she is one of the strongest young people I know but she was at a breaking point when I decided to attend a presentation at my local high school. My husband and I were going through a separation and my daughter was really feeling a lot of emotions about it. I went to this presentation about youth empowerment and Michael Eisen was one of the guest speakers. I was hoping to gain insight so I could help my daughter get through this rough time.

Michael really hit home when he spoke about his personal experiences and it sounded like he was telling my daughter’s story. I realized then that there was a way to change this around for her so that she feels more in control of her life. Michael spoke about perspective and how we as parents tend to look at situations through our perspective without really listening to our child’s perspective.

As soon as I left this presentation I started to consciously pay more attention to how I expressed my perspective. I have since noticed that my communication with my daughter has improved greatly and she is more willing to open up to me than ever before. My daughter saw Michael speak as well she was so impressed with him and felt an immediate connection to his story. Michael is now doing one on one mentoring with my daughter and one of the things they are working on is how to change her negative thoughts to positive ones.

I have noticed a huge difference in her, she is starting to look at negative situations differently and how she can turn them around or find the positive in it. She is working towards finding a balance in her life and this is a wonderful thing to watch.
Amanda Hayes, Parent and Child / Youth Worker